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Want to Get in Shape in 8 Weeks?

If you are looking to build muscle and lose extra fat to get in
shape then you can follow the 8 week program to get rapid
results. However, if you wish to maintain your goal weight and
stay in shape, you have to make this plan a part of your daily
routine. This plan will help you stay in shape all year round
but don’t worry, you can consume junk food and deserts,
occasionally or during the holiday seasons!

The 8 week action plan which will enable you to build muscle,
lose fat and get in shape is as follows:

Building muscle – It is essential to build muscle and
strengthen your body in order to enhance stamina and naturally,
look good. Thus, you should do barbell exercises as these
target the major muscle groups. These include squats, bench
press, shoulder press, dead lifts, bent over rows, barbell
curls etc. You should start with low weights and increase them
slowly once you are sure that you can handle it.

Quality Nutrition – Healthy meals that are calorie counted will
not only help you burn fat, but also play an important role in
increasing strength and building muscle. Your meals should
therefore, consist of proteins such as meat, poultry, eggs and
fish, etc., fats like olive oil, saturated fats, etc, green
vegetables, fruits like apples, oranges strawberries, etc,
wholegrain, etc. You should have at least 8-10 glasses of water
on a daily basis as this will remove fat storing toxins. Raw
and fresh vegetables should also be consumed, instead of
processed food products. You have to stay away from fizzy
drinks and junk food and instead of coffee, you should start
drinking flavored herbal teas.

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Lose your fat – It is necessary to lose extra fat in order to
get in shape. Workouts build your muscles and simultaneously
burn excess body fat. There are various ways by which one can
lose fat such as cardiovascular exercise which should be done
for 30 minutes every day. Apart from that, you should keep a
check on the number of calories that you consume. Your food
intake will depend on your current body weight which means that
it is necessary that you weigh and measure yourself once a

Golden rule – It is imperative that you don’t starve yourself
as this is a great way to gain weight, rather than lose it. You
should plan your diet in such a way that you consume 5 small
meals per day and if that is not possible, then protein shakes
are the way to go.

Motivation – You should keep a check on the progress as far as
the achievement of your goals is concerned. Once you are aware
of the development, you will get inspired and put in more
effort to achieve them.

These are a few tips which you can use to attain your
objectives. Though the difference can be seen in few weeks, for
best results you should carry out this physical regime for a
longer duration.

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