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We Should Do Something To Protect Our Eyes

As the society develops most of our works change to sit before computer tables and type plenty of words into computers. As a result, our eyes can’t bear so much pressure that they will surely become blurry one day if you don’t protect them well.

When coming to the time that our eyes are strained, eyelids become heavy, eye muscles spasms, we will regret for the less care on our eyes. However, protection is too late at that time. So we should do something in case our eye view becomes worse.

  1. Foods supply the energy of the whole body, so it does to our eyes. The nutriments contained by most vegetables are the important factors of eye protection. Many yellow and orange vegetables are abundant with beta carotene. And some leafy greens, corn and red peppers are rich in lutein. They all play a very vital part in eye protection.
  1. Once coming into the situation that we are so attracted by a book or a movie that we can’t help continuing to finish them in one breath regardless of our strained eyes. Yet, we aren’t aware with the potential threat to eyesight. A small break will absolutely relieve eye stresses and prevent eyes from disorders. So remember to take a rest after a long work. Closing eyes a few seconds or watching far-away objects for minutes is ok. Though this exercise is simple, many persons will forget. An effective way is to write REMEMBER TO REST in a large size on a paper and stick the paper to the top of your screen. When you notice it, you must take this business into mind and arrange the time reasonably.
  1. In teenagers, our mother always told us not to read in the dark or else our eyes will become bad. It’s true. So the effect works on computer. The work environment affects your eyesight directly. Therefore make sure you are in the right circumstances when reading or working. Don’t let the light irradiate directly into your eyes and avoid working under twinkling light. Another thing that should be noticed is that you read at a proper distance of between 20 and 28 inches. Moreover, be certain that the height of book is as high as your eye level. Maybe some devices which are newly produced will help you to fix the book. Furthermore, increasing font size and contrast is beneficial to your eyes, too. Take them seriously and your eyes will be much healthier.
  1. When you can’t see words clearly at a normal distance, go to see a doctor and get the right lenses for your eyeglasses. Check your eyes regularly to be sure your eyesight doesn’t develop.
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We would not like to have a risk of suffering eye diseases, so what we need to protect our eyes by heart.

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