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Week (december 13

Jiang Feng, Secretary General of the Chinese household
electrical appliance: “Consumer Electronics Association fear
the data, also dare to confront in CASE when Church.”

?? ” Appliances to the countryside Product quality, “crusade”
is gathering huge “

Comments: Every eight products in home appliances to the
countryside, there occurred a Service Situation; have purchased
home appliances products, rural consumers to rural areas, only
35.6% of consumers will purchase the second … … Recently, China
Consumers Association Published “in 2009 bringing home
appliances product use and service status report,” directed “in
the countryside have purchased home appliances products,
received maintenance as high as 12.6%.” Message 1, household
electrical appliance enterprises rebounded significantly, China
Household Electrical Appliances Association immediately
expressed strong doubts that the scientific sampling may be a
problem. But the Consumers Association unwilling to provide
more detailed research information on the Consumer Electronics
Association has not raised the issue of feedback. Although
companies have self-cleaning in order to avoid arousing
suspicion, the Consumer Electronics Association also strongly
questioned, but the network, consumers are increasingly vocal
opposition to the countryside of products vast.

Amoi Cell phone-related charge: “to consider for their own
development, the company eligible to take the initiative to
give up the phone to the countryside.”

?? “Appliances to the countryside: disqualified company said
the initiative to give up”

Comments: Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Finance on
December 12 jointly issued a notice announcing the abolition of
Amoi Mobile, a new Section TV , The wave of computers, home
appliances to the countryside in 24 successful business
qualifications. Despite being out of the company who explained
that the company is “give up” qualified appliances to the
countryside. But it is undeniable that the disqualification of
most companies struggling after the countryside Sell Records
are mostly zero or close to zero. Appliances to the countryside
out of system implementation, means that home appliances to the
countryside is not eligible for “iron rice bowl”, the state
started to take measures to limit those “Zhan Zhao appliances
to the countryside places”, not to promote the sale of Small
appliances Brand, the implementation of market access
restrictions, the relevant household electrical appliance
enterprises look to “wide net, not as a” practice will be

Suning Zhang Jindong Electric: “If there is a benchmark for us,
is heaven-sent to us, and we hope that it will stay with us to
go that direction was not without it.”

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?? “Zhang Jindong, Suning Appliance: 19 year-end campaign boss
into rivers and lakes”

Comments: rivers and lakes in the home appliance retail
campaign for the 19th year, Zhang Jindong, Suning sit down with
his boss’s home appliance retail location. Su Zhang Jindong,
gives the impression of restrained moderate, which is the image
of the then rival Huang Guangyu very different. Huang Guangyu
after the accident, all known contacts with Suning Guo, a U.S.
investment community for senior members of Suning sorry: Suning
shot too light too slow, if Suning cruel, quickly win over
suppliers, the United States will be devastated country. But
that is obviously not the style of Zhang Jindong. He needs a
benchmark for progress and power. But do not think that all of
Zhang Jindong, restrained moderation, if necessary, he does not
cover a little lofty. He has said in public that, if done, but
Gome, Suning White gave Huang Guangyu. Facts have proved that
he did not “nonsense.”

Liu Buchen, home appliance industry experts: “White Power
Industry in China shape Haier, Midea, Gree, Hisense four feet
Dingli situation. However, the various different advantages and
focus of the current tasks vary. “

?? “White enterprises to promote integration of large white
power structure of assets come to the question”

Comment: In the end of fiscal year 2009, white integration can
be said to have been very active. Haier white flagship
integration completed a key step: Qingdao Haier to 3 per share
price of HK listed companies in Hong Kong stocks transferee
Haier Electronics 31.93% stake, made holding position. U.S. 59
will be completed nationwide sales of the company’s air-ice
wash channel integration. Hisense Kelon Air plans to acquire
the majority shareholder’s white goods assets. In the
increasingly competitive consumer electronics market, white, or
both in the capital market profitability, performance is better
than black, and as promoting the integration of assets, white
bigwigs will significantly enhance its strength, and ultimately
from upstream raw materials procurement, research and
development to downstream distribution channel resources
sharing, the industry chain synergies come into play, large
white power structure officially entered the era of the theme
from the overture.

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