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Weight Loss And Star Signs

Weight loss and star signs – Do the planets control our weight gain or loss? Does your zodiac star sign make dieting and losig weight easier? Is there a weight loss plan best suited to a Taurean dieter? What foods help Capricorn women to lose weight?

Here are two examples for Aquarian Women and Men:

AQUARIUS (20 Jan – 18 Feb) – WOMEN
Diet Personality:
Aquarians are often drawn to the mysterious. This means Fad diets, herbal supplements, diet pills appeal to the Aquarian dieter. The Aquarius logical mind realises that a healthy weight loss program is necessary for fat loss and lowering cholesterol. Low-fat diets and regular exercise is ideal for Aquarians.

Diet Strengths:
Aquarians have an optimistic nature that makes starting a weight loss program fun. Temptation to go off their diet is not a problem, Aquarians are strong and independent. Planning a diet and exercise program is easy for the calm Aquarian. Flexibility in their program is very important becausse Aquarians do not like being pegged down.

Diet Weaknesses:
Weight loss can be difficult for the Aquarian who has fixed opinions. Losing weight requires change and Aquarians should not be afraid to change their ideas on ways to lose their weight. Aquarians have an unpredictable nature that can turn them from the perfect dieter one day to the binge eater! Sometimes a lack of confidence can prevent an Aquarian from tackling their weight problem.

Weight Loss Potential:
Aquarians do understand why they should start a diet and exercise program. Aquarians can be very inventive and will find ways of making their weight loss program fun. Exercise is important to Aquarians and they particularly enjoy individual sports like swimming. Aquarians are unlikely to become part of a diet support group as their privacy is too important to them.

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AQUARIUS (20 Jan – 18 Feb) – MEN
Weight Loss Problems:
Weight loss can be difficult for the Aquarian Man. His first step is to admit that he needs to lose weight! Although very independently minded, Aquarian Man will enjoy being part of a group and his diet may suffer as a result of his busy social life.

Weight Loss Strengths:
Aquarian Man has lots of positive qualities. His calm and logical mind will focus on sorting out the diet issue. Once the Aquarius Man has decided to follow a weight loss program nothing will stop him!

Best Exercise:
Exercise is so important. Aquarian Men often pursue outdoor sports like parachuting, gliding, deep-sea fishing or surfing. For weight control, and good health Aquarian Man should continue to take regular exercise well into old age.

Dieting Advice:
Whether he needs to lose weight or not, following a low-fat diet is important. Aquarius and its ruling planet Uranus is linked with the circulatory system and should adopt a healthy-heart diet from an early age. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, try to avoid those creamy sauces you just cannot resist!

Diet Tip for Aquarius Man:
Do not start a diet unless you really want to or need to! Aquarian Man is successful when he is really involved in what he is doing. See your diet as a challenge and you will live up to your reputation for being brilliant!

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