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What Are Safe Levels of Flouride in Well Water?

Flouride in well water normally contains naturally occurring fluoride at the low amounts that our safe for us to digest in our bodies.

The government felt that the levels of fluoride were insufficient to prevent tooth decay in children and so they introduced a system of adding it to water. This move through studies undertaken on school children showed that it didn’t make a huge difference.

This means that we are left with the question of whether or not we should be consuming this added fluoride. Let me make it clear the government only introduced safe limits that are not a toxic levels but too much fluoride can be toxic for us.

So how much fluoride in well water is toxic for us? Well anything over 1.2 parts per million is too high and 5 – 10gm fluoride taken at 1 time for someone weighing 150lbs is an extremely toxic level. In fact it is the equivalent of 10-20,000 times more than what would be consumed in an 8oz glass of water.

You might be thinking that reaching those levels of fluoridity would be impossible but unfortunately it isn’t. If we look at all the things that contain fluoride it is easy to see that it would not be too difficult to overdose.

Below is a list of items that contain fluoride:

Water, processed foods and drinks, toothpaste and some medications.

So how do you prevent yourself from reaching toxic levels of fluoride in your body, which among other things can cause damage to your bones?

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Invest in a home water filtration system. They can come at very reasonable prices right up to expensive depending on your needs and finances and you can be assured that a good system does provide safe levels of fluoride in well water .

You need to purchase one that uses natural carbon filters and also, and this is the important point, that has the ability to remove all the toxic bacteria and metals from the water while at the same time having a system that can retain all the natural elements and minerals in water that are necessary for good health for you and your family.

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