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What Causes Hemorrhoids – Hemorrhoids and Your Diet

Constipation – The main culprit

Medical experts put constipation on the top of their list of what causes hemorrhoids. Constipation is caused by infrequent bowel movements. This results in the stools becoming hard and difficult to expel. Expulsion of hard stools puts a strain on the arteries of the rectum which in turn causes hemorrhoids Two reasons are given for what causes constipation. The first reason is the refusal by the patient to go to the toilet when he or she feels the urge. The other and more common reason is a bad diet lacking in fiber which aids easy stool passage.

What items in your diet cause hemorrhoids?

In our fast paced modern lifestyle, there are many items in our diet that can be added to a list of what causes hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are caused by eating too much red meat or food containing unsaturated fat. To much salt added to food causes hemorrhoids because salt naturally causes bulging of arteries. Spicy food causes hemorrhoids A diet of processed food, that includes no fresh food items cause hemorrhoids because there is no fiber to assist bowel movement. Alcohol and caffeine containing beverages cause hemorrhoids because they constrict circulation of blood.

What can you include in your diet to prevent hemorrhoids?

Now that you know what causes hemorrhoids with regard to what you eat, you should include fresh fruits, vegetables, and plenty of fluid to assist proper stool passage to prevent hemorrhoids For immediate relief experts find great value in eating raw onions, sesame seeds and bananas. Alfa Alfa, dark green leafy vegetables eaten raw, blackstrap molasses, flax seeds, lima or butter beans when included in the daily diet help prevent constipation and consequently help prevent hemorrhoids.

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When you change your diet by eliminating what causes hemorrhoids and including what prevents hemorrhoids the results can be so dramatic that soon hemorrhoids will be a condition of the past.

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