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What is Good Health?

Good health is not just “the absence of disease.” It is the
absence of dis-ease or discomfort. We think we are healthy as
long as we progress or decay at the same rate as others around

Normally an unhealthy condition does not develop overnight.
Pathological development is always accompanied by warnings.

Our body is a wonderful machine. When something goes wrong it
warns us beforehand. We need to pick up the signals.

Each one has a unique biochemistry as well as a unique
metabolism. Therefore each individual has different nutritional
needs which depends upon his medical history & lifestyle.

Fortunately there are generic ways to keep ourselves healthy.
There are many common ways which if followed, can help us
remain healthy.

To remain healthy, we need to nourish our body by eating right
foods and by avoiding the wrong ones. Deprivation, elimination
& counting of calories alone can not nourish our body.

A state of good health means all or body organs are functioning
in harmony. Exercise has a number of health benefits but over
exercising can cause stress and exhaustion. Fiber rich food is
good to have but too much of fiber prevents absorption of
minerals like zinc, calcium & iron causing multiple

Food can heal and restore health in a sick person. Food is an
important healing force. One can regard food as a complementary
medicine in many circumstances.

There is a difference between hunger and appetite. Hunger is
the need for food. But we have an appetite for certain foods
only, without being actually hungry. Hunger is a physical need
and an appetite is only psychological and is triggered by

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Role of exercise in our life is also important. With age our
bodies become inflexible. It is more out of dis-use than wear
and tear. The human body requires a certain minimum level of
activity. Lack of activity or exercise affects muscle
movements. As you brush your teeth everyday you have to take
time to do exercise. You can not say that you do not have time
to brush your teeth. Exercise could be just brisk walking or
some aerobics or going to gymnasium. Do whatever suits you.
Either in the morning or in the evening.
Simple walking for 30 minutes a day can work wonders for you to
remain healthy.

Our ultimate goal in life is to be happy. We need to watch our
emotions and thoughts. Our physical health is influenced by our
state of mind. A negative frame of mind due to anxieties,
stress, tensions, deadlines etc reflects on a physical level.

We need to review our ever increasing needs and desires and
become more aware of our inner space and practice solitude /
silence in order to get inner peace.

Key to good health lies in moderation and balance.

By : Pradeep Mahajan

Pradeep Mahajan — Author is a free-lance writer. He is an
engineer-MBA and management consultant by profession &
practice. Visit http://www.health-fitness-wellness.com for
more useful & interesting information on health, fitness
& wellness.

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