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What is the Correct Omega 3 Recommended Dose?

Have you heard about this recently?  There is some controversy surrounding what the omega 3 recommended dose should be.  Most people simply take whatever the manufacturers of a product tell them to, because they figure that the manufacturer would not prescribe a dose that would put them in danger.  You can suffer problems from ingesting excessive amounts of fish oil, and many of the dosages being recommended are far too high.

There are so many benefits to taking fish oil that I highly recommend it to everyone.  Omega 3 fatty acids can prevent the development of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, asthma, arthritis, gout, and inflammatory bowel disease.  Omega 3s have also shown promise in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease, and are helpful in treating dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, and depression.

I have seen the omega 3 recommended dose listed as anywhere from two thousand to twelve thousand milligrams per day.  The danger in taking too much fish oil lies in the ability that omega 3s has as an anticoagulant.  Omega 3 fatty acids have the ability to prevent your blood platelets from sticking together and forming dangerous clots.

The fact is that too much of anything can be bad for you, no matter how healthy it would seem to be.  Extremely high doses of an anticoagulant can cause you to begin bleeding internally, with gastrointestinal bleeding and bleeding in the brain being the most common events.  Internal bleeding is a serious issue that requires immediate medical attention, but it can be avoided by simply cutting back on the amount of fish oil you take.

Studies have been conducted in order to decipher what the correct omega 3 recommended dose should be, and the consensus is that anywhere up to four thousand milligrams per day is perfectly safe.  So long as you stick within this range you will be able to enjoy all of the benefits of fish oil, without any of the danger.  Let’s take a look at why omega 3 fatty acid dietary supplements are the best way for you to get your omega 3s.

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You may remember that up until just a few years ago doctors and nutritionists were recommending that you eat up to four servings of fish per week in order to raise the levels of omega 3s in your system.  The reason that they stopped recommending this practice is because the fatty fish that the water has become so polluted that the fish now carry high levels of toxins.

You would have to eat a lot of fish in order to get your daily omega 3 recommended dose, and that would mean that too much mercury, lead, PCBs, and other poisons would end up in your system.  High quality omega 3 fish oil is twice purified, leaving no measureable toxins present.  The DHA and EPA omega fatty acids in these formulas are also concentrated, so that potency is increased.

Your best bet?  Stay within the omega 3 recommended dose of two to four thousand milligrams per day, and you will greatly improve the state of your health.

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