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Wheatgrass Turns Gray Hair Back to Its Natural Color‏

Wheatgrass Turns Gray Hair Back to Its Natural Color‏
Gray hair is the ultimate telltale sign of aging. About half of
the 50-year-old is at least 50% gray. As much as you can
postpone the inevitable with expensive, foul-smelling and messy
dyes, the battle against gray is predictable … gray is more or
less the undefeated champion. Or is it?

Regular consumption of young grass plant wheat can change the
color of gray, so you can enjoy its lush color, natural well
into their senior years. And it does not stop at the gray. This
young grass cereal slows down the process of aging through cell
rejuvenation, detoxification of your body, the fight against
tumors and tightening loose and sagging skin

ancient healing system of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
links hair pigmentation quality of blood and strength of their
kidneys. According to TCM, gray old does not mean as much as it
points to weak kidneys and blood.

Composed of 70% chlorophyll, wheatgrass, wheat plant Triticum
aestivum, restore the health of your kidneys and blood.

Chlorophyll helps strengthen, build and oxygenate the blood. It
is very similar to hemoglobin, a compound that carries oxygen
to the blood. Once consumed, chlorophyll blood becomes. Then it
transports nutrients, such as oxygen, your cells, tissues and
organs, rejuvenation, protection and strengthening.

renowned nutritionist Dr. Bernard Jenson, found that wheat
grass and other green juices high in chlorophyll are better
builders blood of nature. In his book
Health magic through chlorophyll plant be life
, which
cites several cases in which he was able to boost the number of
red blood cells in a matter of days, simply by having patients
soak a chlorophyll-water bath. The consumption of wheat grass
and other green juices regularly has been shown to increase
even faster count of red blood cells.

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Beyond beautification and Total Body Health

Wheatgrass consists of an impressive array of nutrients that
strengthen and rejuvenate everything from our cells and tissues
to our organs and body systems. In addition to its distribution
by 70% chlorophyll, wheatgrass contains 17 essential amino
acids, 90 minerals, 13 vitamins and 80 enzymes. The prominent
research scientist Dr. Earp-Thomas says, “15 pounds of
wheatgrass is the equivalent of 350 pounds of carrots, lettuce,
celery and so on.”

Wheatgrass provides an impenetrable line of defense against
disease. A natural detoxifier and powerful, wheatgrass protects
the liver and purifies the blood by neutralizing toxic
substances such as cadmium, nicotine, strontium, mercury and
polyvinyl chloride.

Fact: Cancer cells
can not develop in environments rich in oxygen

! Detoxifying is the first step. From there, take the herb
trigoofensiva as an anti-cancer demonstrated that tumors in

Wheat grass is a rich source of liquid oxygen. boost album
counts of red blood cells and increased blood oxygen
ayudacombatir cancer cells because the cancer can not survive
these alkali-rich environments.

A recent study published in the journal Mutation
faced chlorophyll against beta-carotene and
vitamins A, C and E. I clorofilatenido a larger anti-cancer
effect than all other nutrientes.El wheatgrass is truly a total
body nutrition drink!

Virtually every week, new alternative health advances are discovered.
Most of these anti-aging and longevidadcuras are already
scientifically proven to cure a wide variety deenfermedades … …
eliminate pain slow or reverse the aging process and … improve
overall body wellness. However, these powerful alternative
health, most of which are low cost or free, are unknown to most
genteporque conventional
media rarely reports. Rather, these solutions powerful health
systematically deleted even prohibited.
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