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When there is Punjabi’ Food? where is heart!

When there is Punjabi’ Food?  where is heart!If you craves for rich ‘butter-chicken’ and mouth starts to water at the mere sight of those oil-rich ‘punjabi’ delicacies…you are at high risk of getting heart problems.

Cardiovascular disease has become a major health concern in India. Particular in Punjab. Presently, its increasing prevalence among the youth is becoming a serious concern even for the experts dealing with heart-related problems for decades.

In Punjab, the mortality rate due to heart diseases is comparatively high than recorded in other parts of the country. It has made cardiologists worried and they are searching for a solution to this problem. With 100 million people affected by heart-related diseases, India is set to be the heart disease capital of the world by 2010. And this fact has made country’s leading cardiologists worried.

Punjabi diet is very rich compared to (the diet and food) the population living in southern part of the country. It is for this reason that we are witnessing people at young age getting heart attacks.  We have seen people from Punjab who had migrated to the west had higher prevalence of heart diseases 10-15 years back. Now that same culture has come to our country and today we find the prevalence of this disease has increased manifolds in our country.

Presently, latest healthcare facilities are being used to deal with cardiovascular diseases in Punjab.

The deaths due to cardiovascular disease in India are expected to rise from 1.17 million recorded in 1990 to 2.03 million by approximately 2010.

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Mortality rate is high in Punjab accounting for about 49 percent of all deaths.

Earlier, the heart related illness were noticed less among rural population. But as urbanization of rural areas is taking place, the urban-rural difference is decreasing and more and more rural people are getting this disease.

One can do three things, for preventing heart diseases.
1.  Eat less fried food, less butter and ghee.
2.  Exercise daily for around 45 minutes.
3.  Reduce stress in life. Because of the nature of the work, we have become over stressed. So things like yoga, meditation and entertainment help a person to relax.

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