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Will Drinking 100% Fruit Juice Promote Fat Gain?

Do you drink juice? I’m not talking about the imitators either. Do you drink the good stuff that is 100% juice with no additives? If you do then you probably think you are doing your body a favor, but I have bad news. Drinking all of that fruit juice can promote fat gain and keep you from losing weight.

For a long time, orange juice has been one of those things that almost everyone has in their fridge. After all, it’s healthy and tastes good so why not drink a lot of it? Well the problem is that no matter how natural the juice your drinking is, it can still make you fat.

Here’s the deal…

Look at any juice label you can at the store, and especially those that are in your fridge right now. Do you notice one thing they have in common? A TON of sugar! Sugar is one of the biggest reasons that your body will gain weight.

But isn’t it healthy sugar from fruit?

While yes, the sugar in your juice may come 100% from fruit, it’s still a simple sugar and will get broken down in your body fast and spike your insulin, which promotes fat gain.

So how come eating fruit is healthy?

When you extract the juice out of a fruit, you leave behind all the good fibers and vitamins that really makes fruit healthy. Especially if it is processed and stored, there’s probably no active vitamins left in your fruit juice. Eating the fiber in the fruit is what helps your body digest the simple sugars more slowly and keeps your insulin levels from spiking.

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If you’re really trying to shed the fat, stay completely away from fruit juice and drink water instead. Buy the fruits whole and cut them up to eat instead of just drinking the juice and your body will slim down much faster.

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