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Yoga Advisory – 5 Great Healthy Habits For a Better Heart

With obesity at an all time high in children and adults in our
country, we all need to create heart friendly habits for our
families. Here are five heart healthy habits you can start

1. Be a good role model for your children. Your children will
be likely to imitate you if you make it a point to eat right
and exercise regularly. The best thing you can do to create
heart healthy habits is to be a good role model.

2. Get exercise as a family by participating in fun physical
activities. Even things as simple as going for a walk with your
family, playing catch in the yard and swimming in your
neighborhood pool are great forms of exercise. We all need to
get exercise every day including children if we want to be our
healthiest and strongest.

3. Children and adults today spend way too much time sitting
around playing video games and on their computers. We all need
to watch how much time we spend on these activities and keep it
to a minimum. Also, we need to make sure our children are not
mindlessly eating junk food when doing these things.

4. If your children are overweight, you need to encourage them
to do something about it. These children need help improving
their self-esteem and self-image so they will want to do
something about their weight problem and will start eating
right and exercising.

5. Don’t keep unhealthy snacks at your home so you and your
children will not be tempted to eat them. Encourage your
children to have fruit or other healthy snacks instead. You can
find a lot of delicious healthy snack recipes by looking on the
Internet. It is good to get your children involved in making
these healthy snacks so they will be more likely to eat them
and enjoy them.

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The increase in the number of people who are overweight and
obese has lead to an increase in diseases like diabetes and
cancer. It is our job as parents to guide our children towards
healthy choices in life. That means making sure they make
healthy choices physically, mentally and emotionally.

You can create heart healthy habits in your family by eating
right and exercising regularly. If you make sure your family
stays healthy and start your children on heart healthy habits
when they are young, they will continue them throughout their

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