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Yolanda Adams Pays Tribute to Cicely Tyson at the BET Honors 2011

In a day and age where people are constantly trying to be who they are not, you can look up to people like Cicely Tyson who has been a phenomenal woman all her life. She chose a healthy vegetarian diet over liposuction and acting in movies to spread her message instead of hiding behind societal norms. Apparently she is not too impressed with the incredible new technologies taking over the lipo field.

Best of the Best

Born in 1933, Cicely had a tough time being the one African American woman who managed to change people’s perception towards actresses of her race. Her powerful movie Sounder was released in 1972 and things were never the same again. The BET Honors decided to respect Cicely Tyson in 2011 by paying her a tribute. The beautiful African American Yolanda Adams performed The Battle of the Lords as a tribute to Cicely Tyson. The goal was to felicitate African American people from media, theatrical arts, music, and other fields.

You Only have One Body

Cicely Tyson is a role model for many women all over the globe. She has always respected the fact that her body is her asset. One needs to take care of their body as if they were vintage Rolls Royce’s! For some people though, healthy eating habits and exercise enable them to achieve their goals. Some people do not have that type of will power. This is where liposuction comes into play.

One for the Ages

Women all over the world consider Tyson to be a powerful figure. They can learn from her strength and courage and how she carried herself. Liposuction was not the route she chose and it is no wonder she made another decision that worked out well for her.

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