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Yummy! Your Liver May Be ‘Eating’ Your Brain

body fat Too the liver uses a lot of PPAR to
metabolize fat, a protein that also used to regulate brain

Your liver could be
“eat” the brain
, new research suggests.

People with extra abdominal fat are three times more likely
than thin people to develop
memory loss and dementia
later in life, and now scientists
say they can know why .

seems that the liver and hippocampus (memory center in the
brain), share a desire for a certain protein called PPAR. The
liver uses for PPAR
burn belly fat
; PPARalpha the hippocampus used to process

In people with a lot of belly fat, the liver has to work
overtime to metabolize fat, and uses all the PPAR – first ozone
local stores and then attack the rest of the body, including
the brain, according to the new study.

The process starves essentially the hippocampus of PPAR,
hampering memory and learning, Medical Center researchers at
Rush University in Chicago, wrote in the study, published in
the current issue Cell journal reports.

Other press reports are not correct in pointing out that the
researchers established that obese individuals were 3.6 times
more likely than thin people develop dementia. That finding
goes back to a 2008 study by researchers at the Kaiser
Permanente Division of Research in Oakland, California.

In another study, described in a 2010 article in the journal
Annals of Neurology, researchers from the School of Medicine at
Boston University found that the greater the amount of belly
fat, the greater the
brain shrinkage in old age

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The surprising discovery in the new study is that the
hippocampus uses PPAR to process memory and learning, and this
is a possible reason for the connection between belly fat and
dementia and / or loss memory.

Researchers at Rush University, led by professor of
neurosciences Kalipada Pahan, raised mice that were deficient
in PPAR. Some mice had normally PPARalpha in the liver, but
impoverished PPARalpha in the brain, and had poor memory and
learning ability. PPARalpha other had normal brain but not
liver, and showed normal memory, as expected.

Yummy! Your Liver May Be 'Eating' Your Brain
When the researchers injected PPAR in the hippocampus of mice
deficient in PPAR, learning and memory improved, Pahan said.

“Further research should be conducted to see how we could
potentially keep in regular PPAR [human] brain in order to be
resistant to loss of memory,” Pahan LiveScience.

therefore PPAR provides a new avenue to explore for a treatment
or cure for
Alzheimer’s disease
, dementia and problems related to
memory and cognition loss, Pahan said.

Losing your belly fat will not hurt, either.

By Christopher Wanjek


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